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Be the Well that Never Dries

In Thinking Freelance on January 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm

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The mantra for a freelance writer is simple. Well, exclusivity is an issue indeed, but here, for anyone who is courageous enough to take the freedom and liberty one enjoys in freelancing and the risks that it brings along with it, this mantra will do quite enough.

“Be the well that never dries.”

Never let the customer wait with his wallet on your door step. Offer him his due seat and give him his work. A writer’s block has unfortunately no space in the freelancer’s world. He should always be ready with his never-ending stream of imagination, creativity and skills. Of course, the necessity of keeping one’s head cool is inevitably clear at this time.

Unless you find peace with your self and that restricting thought–whether I can do it or not—you can never achieve your perfect take off as a freelancer. Once you are in the air, the wind will do its job. It will take you to the vastness of the sky of success.

Limits are not made for a freelancer. The abundance of the water of words is possible only under the above mentioned norm; if you are able to take your flight. It’s a choice and a destiny. You chose to fly high and your flight, in turn, will enable you to keep your well full of water.

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