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In Thinking Freelance on February 18, 2012 at 4:54 pm

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Life is absurd if one lives for practicing a theory. Gandhi once said that life is experimentation. There is no single theory that can provide you with the best of results all in one. No. The best theoretical perspective should, on the other hand, is to try what is best suited to you. When you think of freelancing, think of your potentials and your weak points. The areas in which you are weak, would guide you and your strongholds will protect you. This suggestion directly addresses the nature of work you choose; I mean, whether you want to write for a software company or contents for a newspaper ad or even the contents for a medical journal, or creative content literature.

Every job you undertake defines the freelancer in you. Therefore, it is more than crucial to finish the job you undertake without delay and with the maximum efficiency you can produce. This is not just a matter of future job calls, but a matter of your identity, your niche in the sphere of the freelance word.

Again, do not go for a single theory. If you are a newbie in the field, there are all possibilities to have become a pushover at least once. You might have felt the need to formulate a theory, a common theory to include all frauds; like don’t work with those who are reluctant to offer advance money or leave those buyers who are not clear about payment methods. Remember, you are a freelancer, a free being set off in search of a kingdom of your own. So the norms too should be yours own, and the risks too will be yours only. You can’t distance the buyers with your paranoia. A kingdom is not set upon fear, but risks and courage.

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The best way to stay in the course of your business is to trust your buyer, and the reason for saying this is very simple; your buyers too are fooled by many. You can be their new ideal provider, a healer of old wounds and a new hope for their needs. Just a trust can shape a new world for you. So what are you waiting for? Write on.


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