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In Being a Freelancer on March 3, 2012 at 11:35 am

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Did you choose freelancing as a career? You are in a journey then, down the river on a sailboat. There are no u-turns, no sudden breaks, no turning back, but just cruising forward. Every hope is channeled toward some unknown unseen wind that howls on your ear lobes to push your sail, balance your boat. This wind, in your life, is hope.

There are just two things that can help you see the destination you much set your journey off for—moving forward and hope. The first part is easy. In the river of life, everyone chose it or not, has to move forward, or….be drowned.

In any case, you can choose. And of course, as a person reading this article, your destiny is calling you to make that choice that no one has ever thought of, let alone you.

Choose to live. Choose not just to avoid drowning, but also to tame your best ally; the wind on your sails—hope.

Hope is the shoot of a rhizome that comes of perseverance hidden under the soil, for a long period of time. This rhizome in your professional life is your solid ground work, which requires perseverance and will take time to shoot its hopeful branches in helping you to take your sail boat forward. Confused of too much metaphor?

Hope is not just a baseless emotional consolation. There should be solid ground work on which to hold hope.

What exactly is this ground work? Is there a specific formula for it?

Ground work in a freelance writing career is the work that you do when you are not writing. The best course to a successful clientele and sustenance of hope is to focus your attention on the best ground work strategy.

Yes, it is; it is a strategy; one that each freelancer should locate and recognize. For me this strategy is the post-assignment service that I offer before one month after the completion of the writing assignment, and all for FREE. I ask customers if they need any further assistance, any change made in the contents or any modifications.

If the customers need any change, I would gladly assist them for their requirement. Such a service will accelerate the bonding between the freelancer and the customer.

Next time you can hope to get another deal from that same customer, because he or she has felt that happiness in your service that they hoped for from any service provider. This will get you moving—forward.

Hope met with hope; you would not just become a good freelancer, but top-notch.


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