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In Thinking Freelance on March 11, 2012 at 7:37 am

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You are a writer. To flow like a river is your greatest ambition.

There are several ways to achieve this moment, the moment of flowing like a river. The best way to do this—apart from taking life as it comes—is to read. Once you have reached that point of free-flowing creative spirit (which is just a temporary state, by the way: you will lapse back into writer’s block and dream about your river again, many times.) there is a ghost that can afflict you, beware.

The ghost of sickness is just the corner away as you are mostly immersed in your healthy writing life. Writing is like having sex, the more you do the more your body will become weaker.

You must let writing drop for a specific time; take an interval from writing, from your journey down the river. The next most important thing is to sweep your room, clean yourself well and drink lots of water. These essentials must be followed by another very important life saving step; a good walk of 30 minutes in your garden or down the lane.

Physical ailments, just like mental ailments affect writing in an otherwise healthy writer. And by ‘physical ailments’ the implication is not just the super-special-incurable diseases; it could be a minor flu or an allergic outburst in skin rash.

From this sort of writer’s block there is only one way out; wait. One must wait until the disease subsides and one’s health prevails. In some cases, the beginning of the disease would be a luscious time for creative activity, which dwindles slowly and stops completely or partially once the disease takes hold. This is especially true in the case of flu.

Be as good as possible in behavior with yourself and remember you are the one who produced all those wonderful pieces of writing the day before. You might be seeing a dark blanket over your eyes, and nothing else, as if your eyes are covered; and the precious and deep thoughts that accompanied you the previous day might be no more. All the glory would just be reminiscence as if you in the past were just a relic now, without life.

This is a stage when the writer feels guilty of deceiving himself or puts himself in the position of a culprit who destroyed the healthy course of writing by submission to the ailment.

At this stage, the hardest thing to do is to forgive oneself. If you can do it you would be at peace with yourself and find your muse at your door step within a few days.

One more thing; don’t stop writing.

  1. that’s a brilliant piece of writing. i have never read any books, need to start reading.

    also if we cannot come up with anything then we can always wait, yup.

    great post.

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