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Writing and Making Love

In Writing Solutions on October 30, 2012 at 1:52 pm

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If you are a dreamer and if your dreams have a close affinity with anything related to arts, especially the art of writing, and if you are on the other end of the bridge where you often meet a consistency in the lack of money and facilities along with everything else that are forced to take up a job—full time or part-time—you must have felt this too. You wake up in the morning with a blooming inspiration, a strong desire to write and decide to write the full day, the best idea you just had, and you do everything possible to work on your craft even at your work place. The scene shifts quickly, quite often, once you reach your work. Since you are on this side of the bridge and cannot live without a reliable money bringing work, you definitely are supposed to reach at your work place, inspired or not.

The clock on the wall ticks away from 9.30 or 10 am to 11 and 12 and 1pm. You wonder at this point, what would be done next to finish your work early and start at the craft you much longed to work on, from the waking hour in the morning. But, unfortunately, the work never finishes. If you are a teacher, the classroom assignments are much larger in number that they are not taking you anywhere closer to a finishing point. If you are a salesman, the customers are too many on this crucial day of yours that they never leave you with enough time to write away your brimming ideas. Or any other job, this is the same, with different magnitudes and occasions. Your life is eventful, but that is just not right at this time. It would have been perfect to have eventful days, if you were on the look out for a plot or theme for your work. You could have borrowed the ideas of the people you meet, the characters that come across your observant eyes and you can even copy their dialogues and characteristics and personalities in embellishing you work with the charm of real flesh and blood.

But you simply can’t, now. The reason is simple; you are no longer in the plotting segment of the long process of writing, but in the very event of attaching flesh to what you have conceived in skeletons, of the story. By the time you reach at the evening hour when your office lets you off, you are exhausted and tired enough to hope for having a sleep before anything else. If you accidentally came across the script or writing pad of your work in your office bag, you might wonder, before the memory weighs its heavy body down upon your mind, what in the world is this!

I, once, asked one of my friends, who had a lot of erotic experiences in his life about what constituted the best performance in bed with a woman. At first he was a bit taken aback, apparently because he was asked such questions in India, hardly on any occasion. From the point of view of orthodox Indian culture, perhaps, this question can even be considered rude and impolite. Anyway, he was my friend (and still is, of course) and replied, contrary to my expectations, in a matter of fact manner; “Mood. It’s mood that creates the magic.”

I had expected an answer such as, a good harmony with the partner. However, his answer gave me the opportunity to think deeper into this phenomenon, that human beings are capable of experiencing individually—sex. ‘Mood’ was the same answer I reached at, too. A good sinking in between the partners are initiated and assured only when both of them or at least one of them is initiated, or in ‘mood’. In order to find the stimulation or to stay in mood people use different strategies, such as pornography, seeing one’s partner naked and a series of foreplays in sex. These are just the best examples for learning how to keep ourselves in ‘mood’, or motivated towards your artistic goals too. Nature taught us about how to find and maintain initiated erotic mood both in men and women. This same idea can be useful in keeping motivated towards any aspect of life as well—writing or basket ball, you name it.

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If the above mentioned, daunting job conditions threaten to deteriorate your creative activity, keeping your mood ON is your best chance of keeping it up. In order to do it, one can keep a book handy to go through it whenever in need of keeping in touch with the world of words. It could also be possible to keep a picture of you favourite personality with you (whether in your wallet or bag) to keep you motivated. Another method is to repeat in your mind that you are a writer/artist and the best one of their kind.

Charles Dickens, one of the legendary authors of nineteenth century, and in fact one of the best writers the world has yet seen, has said to occupy a desk for writing in the central hall of the house where he stayed in the beginning years as a writer and kept on writing among all the noise and trouble in the house. He continued working on his craft even when the house had visitors. At the end of the process, he came out with a brilliant novel, now a legend in itself, his first success, his first novel, The Pickwick Papers.

Focus or concentration is an art and can be strengthened through experience. This is the reason why while making love, many could not hear what would be happening in the vicinity of their house or the apartment, or even find it difficult to talk. Focus is the same reason that transforms a piece of coal into a diamond. Focus turns an amateur into professional. The example of sex is evidence that one possesses all the focus one needs in life, only that it might require an apt and stimulating occasion. Same is with talent, talent is not produced, it’s kept, always ON.

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