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Secrets of Motivation

In Working Freelance on November 23, 2012 at 3:43 pm

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If not anything else, muse should be motivation. Only motivation keeps an artist going; makes one practice and deliver the best. As a teacher and writer, there is no other form possible to conceive muse, in my personal understanding of how the stuff around us works. This stuff I am talking about is artistic perfection as well as professional obligation, a whole set of it. Be a writer or an artist working in the professional level, this is the one obligation that makes all the difference. Professional obligation involves keeping deadlines, making your craft close to perfection, being unaffected by sentimental impediments, etc.

Only a motivated individual can spend hours and hours practicing on one’s craft. Only he can expect to meet the glory day of meeting all the deadlines. As a teacher of English Literature, this is what I tell my students, “keep yourselves motivated, folks!” while I say this, I know it full well that such a thing as keeping one’s self motivated comes at a high price. In fact there is no such currency that could buy one such long hours of motivated focus. “It comes from within,” I tell those who raise their eyebrows at the earlier proclamation I had given them.

Indeed, it comes from within. But there has been a lack in proper documented understanding of how this mysterious and often mystical quality of motivation descends upon humans. But, not for long. Now, psychologists have come up with three ingredients for maintaining motivation in artists or students, (not for a human being… In the case of spiritual masters or practicing philosophers, apparently, a certain level of motivation in inherent, although as it seems, the place of its origin should not to be considered the ones described here. Probably, the motivation they require comes from their spiritual quest itself. In the article, it seems, the three ingredients are for artists and students, mainly.

Here is the article that appeared in Scientific American journal that simplifies these three ingredients and explains them. Let’s us see if we can consume them and can exhibit some decent motivation in our limping artistic life.

Article: Three Critical Elements Sustain Motivation


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