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Reasons Why One Should Finish the Manuscript

In Writing Solutions on March 8, 2013 at 4:52 pm

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“They pay the big bucks to be able to finish,” Stephen King says in his interview with Craig Ferguson on CBS August 6th 2012. And was he right.

There are those who start new endeavours and keep a high enthusiasm, but due to so many interferences would be unable to take it to the end. This article is for those people, people like me. They will find something of worth noting or worth inspiring in this piece of writing.

The toughest part of writing is not beginning for these individual types. I included. They can start a story anywhere at any time. Even though writer’s block haunts them occasionally, they often come out of it successfully, proving their creative might once again—then starts the necessary internal swerve. Something happens and they find it impossible go forward with the story. Often this situation happens just before that last stage of the work after crossing which they could drink from the spring of finished satisfaction.

 The danger in it is the invisibility this mental state is capable of attaining. The writer does not realize that the reason she is watching a bit more you-tube or spending a few more moments on Facebook, when she should be writing is this. A bit more something else before the work is the symptom indicating you are about terminate your finishing point itself.

You work defines you. This world gives all the importance to those who can really finish their works. As a writer, you are always in the state of being. You never reach at the destination of complete perfection. So the unnecessary concern how your uncertain mind can write down what you are up to telling in the story is without any particular meaning. Finishing an average manuscript is better than not finishing a perfect manuscript. The latter is fantasy and the former can be your ticket to a successful career.

Through developing a certain inner sense of companionship with the outside world and other writers and their problems one can overcome this half-way-stopping of stories. What all things people do in order to feel not alone and also for the feeling of being part of a group—from breaking laws to volunteering for community service! This, in fact, is the purpose of this article too: that is to tell you, you are not alone.

If you can take one more step a new destiny is awaiting you.

James Patterson, the king of thrillers feels the same about this. If you want to read more on this please go to this link: James Patterson

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images


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