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BuJi: A story based on real events

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The story of “BuJi” is inspired by real events. The real story happened at a school in a village named Kannadiparamba in Kannur district of North Kerala. The main characters of the story-Racer, Raju, Anu, Shaji, and others-are students of the school. The story is set in Chalode, a village in Kannur. The names of the characters and places are altered.

“BuJi” is a comedy that moves through hilarious situations. This is also a critique of certain conventions and customs in Indian society like the cut-throat competition in achieving high scores in public exams, the stigma against celebrating Valentine’s Day, the prejudice against various accents of the same mother tongue, etc.

“BuJi” also explores the themes of friendship, forgiveness, redemption, and the power of creativity.


One February morning, Anu faces his mother’s order to accompany his classmate Racer. Anu, Raju, and their other classmates have their reservations about Racer. Racer is the smartest boy in the class. He is the pet of all his teachers. He is the brainiac, the BuJi. You can never find him without a book in his hands. But he had one bad habit.
Anu and his friends have had enough. They decide to do something about it, mostly due to jealousy. They decide and day and time.

Unfortunately, that was the same day Anu and his classmates had planned to avenge Racer’s iniquity. But that wasn’t the biggest problem the narrator faces. Anu has a change of heart since he went to meet Racer at his house. It was Racer’s birthday. On their way to school, Racer reveals a news to Anu. Haunted by his decision to avenge Racer by supporting his classmate Raju and his friends, Shaji and Ajith, Anu is traumatised. Racer seemed innocent now. If Anu does not save Racer from the revenge of his friends, he would be guilty. But to save Racer means to betray the trust of his best friends, his comrades.

“Catch damn 22.”

This semi-autobiographical work is full of childhood’s brutal honesty and spirit of adventure.

Can Anu save himself from this dilemma?
What’s in store for Racer, the BuJi?
What’s Racer truly like inside his projected self?
What’s the news that he breaks to Anu?
Now that Anu knows the deeper side of Racer, would he share it with his friends?
What would happen to Raju, Shaji and Ajith who wait for Racer to arrive in the tall growth of Poison Nut Trees?

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About the author:

Anu Lal is an Indo-Anglian-Southern author. Many of his short fiction, poetry, and essays are published in national and international journals. He is also a research scholar, educator, book reviewer, and a blogger.

His blog: The Indian Commentator

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Better than All Happy Ever Afters

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Better than All Happy Ever Afters

This season is emotional. I heard a young man commit suicide at a university. They say he was murdered by the authorities. Some say murder was a figure of speech. I think both are right. I have only one solution-Love. To love the victim and the victimiser. How can I love the victimiser? I think I can. We all love ourselves, don’t we? Have we not victimised another individual, at least once in a lifetime?

A few of my friends and I were in a very important work these days. We have come out with a wonderful message. This message is that of love. Today, we would like to inaugurate the Facebook page for this great message:


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Stay in Love,

Anu Lal

Bestselling author of You Should Know How I Feel


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“Anu Lal, has done it again! A new Salman Rushdie in the making!”
___Siggy Buckley
Author, Next Time Lucky


Dear all,

The moment of childbirth, to see the graceful face of that new born, is one in a lifetime occasion. What I feel right now is not less than that. I am joyous to announce that my fifth book, Mount Sermon has been released in Amazon Kindle Store, as expected.

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“In harmony with the fantasy-sating landscape of Cannanore and some of the characters from Wall of Colours and Other Stories – the first part of the trilogy, “Hope, Vengeance and History”, the author’s newly-cast storytellers and listeners of the written word entice their reading audience into an almost physical interaction from this book’s onset as well.”

__hülya n. yılmaz (Ph.D.) author, Trance (a tri-lingual book of poetry), senior lecturer, The Pennsylvania State University.

I hope you enjoy Mount Sermon and post your reviews Amazon and

Thank you for your continued support for my writing ventures.

God Bless you.

Anu Lal

Author, Mount Sermon.


“Anu Lal’s stories have the breath of ancient storytellers, the wisdom of old days, and the immediacy of our contemporary age.”

___Irina Serban
Author, Hiding the Moon

“Author Anu Lal cleverly explores the psyche of his characters and analyzes the fine line between imagination and insanity while teaching us the strange relationships that exist between the characters and their environment,”
___Lena Winfrey Seder.
Author, The Metamorphosis of a Muslim – Autobiography of my Conversion